Why Not?

Someone once told me to stop what I love. This someone didn’t understand me or what the reason is behind why I love writing. So, I’m back to writing, and I hope they find it in their heart to understand and that I am not being malicious but this is how I enjoy me, and I hope others enjoy it too.

This is a fresh start to possibly a story I will write out, maybe publish but lets just relax and not get ahead of ourselves.

Title is yet to be determined…

Chapter one

Laying awake in bed on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning I can’t help but to think, this man that walks in and out of the bedroom is mine. You see, Jeremey and I dated in high school, all through college, and now we are settling down in our first home. It’s love, true love. This man wears his heart on his sleeve. He whispers good morning just loud enough for me to hear yet soft enough so I can remain asleep. He will start my coffee because he knows I need coffee or I am a bear ready to attack my prey. No, he’snot perfect but he’s my kind of perfect. We are engaged, did I say this? Our wedding to be next spring. I know he will be an amazing husband and an even more incredible father. Our life is ready to begin, I am excited to have a future with this man. What a beautiful morning, or it was going to be a beautiful morning, until he got the phone call.

I am stopping right there because, I am not sure if I want to add or minus or rearrange my wording. Im going to add and rearrange. But until I do, how do you like it? This will be a romantic novel, normally I write happy endings, I already know the ending. It is a depressing, happy, sad ending. Actually, minus happy, it balances out-the ending. Some may read it as happy and others may think the opposite but I am excited to get it all started.

Until next time my friends, enjoy life, enjoy your coffee and laugh, lots of it!

Why ‘Hump Day’

I wonder, why on Wednesday’s do they say, Happy Hump Day? Is it because it’s like we are over the hump, half way through the work week? Kind of like when you turn 40, you have moved to being over the hill. I enjoy being over the hill, I am wiser, I have more free time and I am where I need to be in life. In other words, life is good.

Do any of you say, Happy Hump day? I have noticed that some use it like the camel commercial, others use it sexually. How do you use it, if you do? When I do say it, which isn’t very often, I say it like the camel on the commercial. Happy Hump Dayyyyyyy! Or I’ll go, Mike mike mike mike, guess what day it is, Hump dayyyyyyy! I do enjoy that commercial!

I look forward to your replies on Hump Day. Hope y’all have a Happy Hump Dayyyyyyy!

My morning mug was brought to you by saying, “Drink up witches!”

Happy Holiday weekend friends!

I am excited to announce that this will be a beautiful long weekend for me. Happy Birthday America, and Happy Canadian Day to those celebrating! Every year we head up north to our cabin for the fourth of July. We invite family, friends and anyone that wants to come. I don’t cook so many bring dishes to share and we do a lot of grilling. Drinking is the main dish I serve morning, day, and night!

We have a tone of fun as we play a bunch of yard games. Spike ball is a huge hit, as well as having a Corn Hole tournament. There is another game we play call Beer Darts, let me warn you now, don’t play against my husband and I….we rock! Otherwise, it filled with laughter, boats rides, and maybe some puking in the background! Ha Ha

I just want to say, have a safe and exciting weekend!

Pour me, pour me another round!

Happy Fothermucking Friday my dear friends! What a beautiful day I have here in the great Midwest. I had my coffee or maybe six cups… whose counting? Today we are celebrating Dads at my center. We call it ‘Donuts with Dad’ of course, grandpa’s can come or whomever it is that has been the soul person raising the children. We celebrate YOU!

My husband gets to celebrate his birthday as well as Father’s day! I could not have asked for a more amazing father figure for my children. So we are heading up north to the cabin as this is what my hubby wants to do. We will visit with his brother and father as well as our kiddos coming home and going up to the cabin as well. It’ll be a scorching 100 degrees, great time to be on the lake. No fishing this weekend but I’ll get my time in next weekend. My oldest is going to Law school and works for a Law Firm where she lives. She was going through our court records and noticed what an excellent record her mother has, however, her dad is a different story. I laugh as he tries to be the straight narrowed parent and I’m the wild child. Well I believe his past just caught up with him. Ha Ha! It’s nothing horrid but he has some speeding and warnings. He has been a good boy since he met his wonderful wife….ME!

Have a wonderful Father’s Day to all you wonderful Father’s! Today’s cup…Shuh duh fuh cup! HeeHee!

Why kids say the things they do….

For one, children don’t have filters. Their minds goes and what come out of their mouths is completely shocking. I do enjoy the honestly they possess however. The only issue may be if I look a little larger in the mid-section, they might ask if I am pregnant. NO! Not me, I just had a lot of beer over the weekend!

I listen to parents try to parent, teach, coach whatever ya’ll call it but children will be children and I think we should just let them be. As they grow they learn to watch what they say, learn how to phrase a sentence, and they learn how to sugar coat honesty. I make sure my children tell me the truth so I never go out in public looking all crazy. I may feel proper but they see different and I know if my youngest says, “Mom, oh no, you need to go change.” I will immediately go change. My youngest child, she is my artist and she knows how to put outfits together. Some days I ask her to pick out my outfit and if I am going out, I definitely ask her for her opinion.

I work in childcare so I hear a ton of wonderful comments from children. I really enjoy when I drive the bus and I pick up the Kindergartners from school and bring them back to my center for after school care. I had a couple of kiddos talking it up in the back of the bus, I listen because it is so funny. One child was saying how a friend in her class had a grandma die at the age of 101. The other kid was impressed but went on saying no one can live to be 101. The girl states her point as yes they can but they can’t live to be 103. They both ended up agreeing that at 103 everyone dies because that is the number no one can live pass. Ha Ha! I could tell you more stories but time is running out. Today may ya’ll enjoy your tea, coffee, or your choice of beverage. My cup of coffee this morning says, “You are on mute!” Happy Tuesday every one. Be kind.

I did this, while my husband did….

My hubby and I love spending time at the cabin, we also love to fish. A few weeks ago, he and I were going to bring our beautiful fancy boat out to fish and enjoy the relaxation of sitting in a boat on the lake. When we got to the landing and tried starting the boat, it wouldn’t turn over. So we brought the boat back to the cabin. We plugged it in thinking it wasn’t charged enough. While we waited for the fishing boat to charge, we decided since I was impatient, to take out our pontoon boat. When we bought the pontoon we thought how great it would be to have ‘sea legs’ on it. Sea legs are under the pontoon and when in shallow water you can by remote control put the sea legs down and the pontoon will remain in place. Since it was the beginning of fishing the fish would be in shallow water where it is warmer. So we gathered our fishing gear, hopped on the pontoon and away we went. We found a perfect spot, shallow, warmer water, exactly where the fish would be. So we put the sea legs down, cast our lines and waited for the first bite.

And we waited, until we couldn’t anymore. We were getting swarmed by bugs. My husband turns the motor on, lifts the sea legs but in mid sea leg lifting, they stop. We decided to go back once again to the cabin, with the sea legs dragging the entire way. Once we got close we realized we were going to hit bottom. Sure enough we got on the bottom of the lake and only about 10 feet away from our dock. I started laughing as my poor husband couldn’t catch a break. He was going from the front of the boat to the back of the boat. I cased my line out, I mean, why not? I wanted to fish so fishing I was going to do. Some how my brilliant husband got the sea legs back up and we made it to the dock safely. Needless to say, that day with the luck we were having with our boats we stayed on land. I went fishing off the dock while my hubby relaxed.

It’s on sale!!

I love that line. But in all honestly I’m not lying when I say it. I’ll come home from a shopping spree and according to my husband, all the stuff I spent time searching for, the hours of standing in long lines just to take a few seconds to swipe a plastic card through a machine, he calls crap! In my eyes it’s treasure and it makes me happy when I find an old pot for decoration on a 5 cent price. Ok, maybe not 5cents but a good deal indeed!

I love finding bargains. After I bring my piles of treasure home, I have no idea where to put all of it! Heehee I love coffee mugs as most of you will see I post my mugs with sayings on them. Today, it’s rather a simple mug with flowers.

It’s Teacher Appreciation week! Thank a Teacher for all that they do! They are helping raise chaos!! Be kind, be powerful, and be sassy!

The shocking shit people say!

I was up north at my cabin this weekend, enjoying the fresh air, light breeze coming off the lake or what is a lake, it still has ice on it. Birds chirping, ya know the whole sha bang! It was a long week so I deserved this peaceful time.

My husband and I cleaned up the yard of fallen branches, we put the winter toys away, brought out the summer shenanigans, and then we relaxed. Made ourselves a Bloody Mary and we soaked in the sun.

For dinner, we were meeting my brother n law, his fiancé and my niece, whose 30th birthday it was. While sitting and getting ready to order our drinks, our young male waiter came over asked if we were ready to order. Because I love embarrassing my niece, I told the nice young man it was her birthday, so I’m expecting a show or lap dance for her. He smiled, laughed a bit and continued to take orders. He arrives back with our drinks, and I notice this time he has a ring on his finger. I felt bad for asking/teasing him about lap dances. I apologized to him, told him I didn’t see his ring earlier, if I had I wouldn’t have indulged him in such play. He in turn says, “it’s like I say, just because you have a goalie doesn’t mean I can’t score!” My face dropped, I was shocked to shit he said that comment. It was good but wow! My niece and I laughed! I haven’t forgot that saying.

Then night ended great, no lap dance for my niece but we all had a great time!!

Friday thoughts….

Good morning to you and Happy Friday! I enjoy Fridays as it’s a night in usually eat out! Ha! I dislike cooking but I love food.

Turning events now. My Friday thought. Hubby wakes up early, showers, gets dressed, states he has an oil change but not until 9AM. It’s 6AM at the time he is speaking of his day. I normally go into work early on Fridays but changed hours with my boss. Hubby knows this. So I laid there thinking we could have a nice morning together, yes? Lay in bed, cuddle, do naughty stuff, have coffee, shower, get ready together. In other words, have a nice morning together to start our day. Do men not think like that? He owns his business so he has no specific time schedule he must follow. So I laid there and wondered.

I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t I say something? Because I always do. I run the relationship and without me there is no relationship. I guess I’m tired of making it fun, I’m tired of suggesting things, I’m tired! It’s a two way street, both need to pitch in not just one. Anyways, thought I’d share my morning thoughts.

I am enjoying my coffee next to the fire while I bitch about my thought😂😂

Todays mug…Sugar n Spice and everything nice!

Good morning dears readers!

Happy December! I sit in my quiet room with my coffee staring at my beautiful extremely tall and round Christmas tree. This is how I’ll get ready for my work day. The fresh scent of pine fills the room with its aroma. The red, green, and white lights on the tree glow with essence as the softness bounces off the walls creating a romantic vibe in the room.

I love every holiday. I go over board as my children say “Christmas threw up in here!” Meaning in the house, because there is not anymore space left decorate! Ha! My kids are older and know I’m Santa even tho I sign the presents from Santa. I have the gifts, just some under the tree as extra decorations. I’m a dork, you should see me at Halloween and Fourth of July, I’m just as crazy with the decorating.

I hope y’all have been well, staying healthy. I’m gonna go back to my quiet thoughts before I begin my day! Be kind. Be positive.